Heavy Duty Grill Mat

Heavy Duty Grill Mat

Heavy Duty Grill Mat

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 No more scraping or scrubbing your grill after barbequing! 

Steak, fish, shrimp, veggies, beef kebobs, corn (just to name a few!) - all foods we love even more when grilled. What no one loves is the cleanup process afterward. Oils, grease, and charcoal get stuck in the grooves of our grills and are typically only removed by a vigorous combination of scraping and scrubbing.

You could do this every time you want grilled food for dinner, or you could get a set of our Heavy Duty Grill Mats!

Non-stick, wipe it clean! 

The Heavy Duty Grill Mat sits on the grill and acts as a non-stick hotplate. You can cook your foods directly on the mat. When all the food has been consumed, the beer bottles emptied, and the guests have left, all you need to do is give the Grill Mat a clean wipe, and your barbeque cleaning is done!

If the mat needs a little extra love, you can wash it in warm, soapy water or throw it in the dishwasher!


Since our Heavy Duty Grill Mats are non-stick, you can use less oil for grilling. Your meals will taste healthier and fresher, and your barbeque will stay amazingly clean!

You can also use our Heavy Duty Grill Mat in ovens, frying pans, and more!

These handy Grill Mats aren’t just for use on barbeques! Put one on the bottom of your oven to save from messy drips, cut it to size for use in your frying pan or pizza tray or take one down to the park for a clean and efficient way to use the public barbeques. With a pack of five, the opportunities are endless!

Size: 13in x 16in

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